5 Shocking Truths About Kids Cereals

Kids cereals help in making the breakfast preparation easy.  It is tough to make children have their food.  When the food is tasty, the child gets attracted.  Moreover, the colors and shapes make cereals as their favorite choice.  Here comes a list of 5 shocking truths about kids cereals:

1.    Excessive sugars:  Research says that these cereals have up to 40% more of sugar.  These are consumed by children daily.  These result in a high rate of dental decay.  As a result, children lose their overall oral health.    Regular consumption of cereals can lead to type II diabetes in children.  Excessive sugar content will make children obese.  As a result, children start facing all types of health issues at a very young age. It becomes all the more important to divert children from these temptations to activities which are healthy for the body and mind.  Check www.doodlebuckets.com for healthy diversion.

2.    Genetically modified ingredients:  The wheat, soy, and corn used in kids cereals are genetically modified.  Consuming these can cause severe damage to the immunity system.  Regular consumption can cause gluten allergies too.

3.    Preservatives:  To improve the shelf life many chemicals are added to kids cereals.  Few substances are banned in certain countries.  This fact can help one realize how hazardous the preservatives are.  Preservatives can lead to neurological health issues in kids.

4.    Food colors: To make the breakfast bowl colorful, kids cereals come in different colors.  The artificial colors added to these can bring behavioral issues in children.  Moreover, the regular consumption of these has a carcinogenic impact on the soft internal organs of children.

5.    No nutritional value:  The ingredients of kids cereals are refined and refortified.  Excessive processing of the components is done.  This is done to get those funny shapes so that kids demand these with interest.  Even if the wrapper of the cereal mentions as ‘whole grain’ the excessive processing completely ruins the nutritional value.  The net result is that children consume the first meal of their day with zero nutrients.

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